Week 22 by John Hunt May 23 2015

Week 22 Reflections on the election I’ve always voted Labour. I guess it’s partly a class thing. Both sides of my family were working class, manual workers. I was the first to go to a university...

Week 21 by John Hunt May 16 2015

Week 21 In appreciation; Many people called her beautiful, with large eyes, high cheekbones, delicate nose. She held herself well – good breeding. She had a lovely character; her smile was a pleas...

Monthly Astrology with Mary English – May May 14 2015

Taurus Happy Birthday! The month starts on a really good note with Mars giving you plenty of energy while the Sun transits through your sign. On the 16th & 17th you feel totally At-One-with-the...

Weekly Rune for the week of 10 May 2015 by Kelley Harrell May 12 2015

Weekly Rune for the week of 10 May 2015 by Kelley Harrell Natively situated between Hagalaz (harsh external change) and Isa (processing outcomes) in the Elder Futhark, Nauthiz forces us to confront o...

Week 20 by John Hunt May 9 2015

Week 20 I remember a general impression when Ed Miliband became leader of the Labour party being one of surprise, in that he just didn’t look like Prime Ministerial material. Especially compared t...

Resistance is Futile by Maggy Whitehouse May 6 2015

Resistance is Futile... from Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity. “Resistance is futile” was practically the motto for the Borg in the TV series and movies of Star Trek. Actually resistance is very,...


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