Transformational Truth of YOU!, The

The Magician's Journey

Tiffany Crosara

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin

Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray

Angela McGerr

Number Woman

You will never look at numbers in the same way again

Hilary H. Carter

Heart of the Hereafter, The

Love Stories from the End of Life

Marcia Brennan

On Dragonfly Wings

a skeptic's journey to mediumship

Daniela I. Norris

Inner Light, The

Self-Realization via the Western Esoteric Tradition

P.T. Mistlberger

Womanity's Cosmic Blueprint

woman of the earth-hearth-heart

Corinne Carmen

Lion of Light

The Spiritual Life of Madame Blavatsky

Gordon Strong

Commitment by Maggy Whitehouse Sep 7 2015

Commitment, and the self-discipline it requires, are the hardest part of spiritual development. It’s commitment that makes you do the meditation, do the follow-up work and take the time to process a...

You Are Beautiful Mirror Meditation by Dielle Ciesco Aug 15 2015

You Are Beautiful Mirror Meditation  Do you feel beautiful? Do you know how beautiful you are? This mirror meditation is about recognizing and appreciating your true beauty.

Crucifixion and Resurrection by Maggy Whitehouse Aug 12 2015

Crucifixion and Resurrection ‘I shall not die; but live to declare the works of the Lord.’ Those were the words my trembling finger landed on when I opened the Bible at random with my heart in p...

Healing Meditation by Wendy Stokes Aug 8 2015

Healing Meditation This gentle meditation, written by Wendy Stokes and delivered by Jo Barnard, takes you on a journey of healing where you will tune into the needs of your body, mind and soul, and a...

A Special Blue Moon Meditation by Angela McGerr Jul 31 2015

A Special Blue Moon Meditation Silver and Silver-Violet Moons gift feminine balance, spiritual intuition and heal heart, Turquoise Water of Life brings emotional tranquillity, Blue leads towards Tr...

Writers Wheel Magazine Issue 6 Jul 25 2015

Writers Wheel Magazine Issue 6  is now available and it is free. The magazines always contain a huge amount of information for the aspiring and new author. Clicking on the cover will take you to Wr...

Ho'oponopono Mirror Meditation by Dielle Ciesco Jul 13 2015

Ho'oponopono Mirror Meditation This if the first in the series of Mirror Meditations from Dielle.   For more information about Dielle please visit http://dielle...