What is the OMBS Cluster? Jun 27 2015

What is the OMBS Cluster? O Books Mind Body Spirit is affectionately, for brevity and because we like acronyms referred to as the OMBS cluster. O Books is the mother-ship and the imprints; 6th, Ax...

Eternity Meditation by Alexander King Jun 22 2015

Eternity Meditation For those who can assume and or understand themselves (and everything) as eternal, individualized parts of the Divine….. Using it helps me calm down, pull strength out of my tru...

Margaret Cahill Author Interview Jun 19 2015

Please welcome Margaret Cahill for our latest author interview Hello, how do you introduce yourself? My name is Margaret Cahill. I publish MBS and astrology books through my own company for my day...

What are we connecting to when we write? by Jan Krause Greene Jun 17 2015

What are we connecting to when we write? Some call it spirit. Some call it love. Some call it the universe. Some call it God. Some call it source. Some call it the muse. Some call it interconnectedne...

Drawing in angelic energy towards healing and harmony Jun 16 2015

By Angela McGerr There are already many forms of energy in this world that cannot be seen with the eye – yet we readily accept they exist. We know what this energy can do, because we can directly...

Week 25 by John Hunt Jun 13 2015

Week 25 I had this idea that I could work part time, play a small role in the business whilst still owning it, and do other “retirement” type things. Though “retirement” is a misnomer. It so...


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