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Creator and Creators by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

Creator and Creators

Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

Jul 2018

A way to become a Co-Creator with Nature by working with Time, Light, and Thought.

The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot by Denise McDermott-King

The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot

Denise McDermott-King

Jun 2018

Sacred Love in the Sacred Isles.

The Master, The Lover, and Me  by Denise McDermott-King

The Master, The Lover, and Me

Denise McDermott-King

Nov 2017

Evidence that Masters of Ageless Wisdom reside in The Rockies...

Way, The by Reverend  John

Way, The

Reverend John

Aug 2008

Do you want to find out more about the Qabalah but have been put off by the Jewish terms and the complicated and obscure religious words usually used? Then this book is for you.

Insights From the Masters by Fiona C. Odgren

Insights From the Masters

Fiona C. Odgren

Aug 2016

Who could believe the Masters Koot Humi and Morya would have such a sense of humour!

Transformational Truth of YOU!, The by Tiffany Crosara

Transformational Truth of YOU!, The

Tiffany Crosara

Sep 2015

The second book in the award-winning Transformational Truth series concentrates on why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you. Discover the key to your destiny held within your own personal karma and how transform it into a magical blessing.

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin by Angela McGerr

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin

Angela McGerr

Jun 2015

Angelic Healing for physical and spiritual harmony.

Number Woman  by Hilary H. Carter

Number Woman

Hilary H. Carter

Mar 2015

In a unique real-life experiment Hilary bases major decisions on the appearance of numbers and number patterns with astounding results.

Heart of the Hereafter, The by Marcia Brennan

Heart of the Hereafter, The

Marcia Brennan

Oct 2014

This book can change not only how we view the end of life, but how we view life itself and the many different types of love that we experience as human beings.

The Golden Dawn -  A Key to Ritual Magic by Gordon Strong

The Golden Dawn - A Key to Ritual Magic

Gordon Strong

Jul 2014

The Esoteric Order of The Golden Dawn was a school of magic, founded during the late nineteenth century, one vowing to reveal all manner of occult knowledge to its members.

Eve and Mary: The Search for Lost Beauty and Sensuality by Frank Shapiro

Eve and Mary: The Search for Lost Beauty and Sensuality

Frank Shapiro

Jun 2014

The first pope could have been a woman. So what went wrong?

On Dragonfly Wings by Daniela I. Norris

On Dragonfly Wings

Daniela I. Norris

Apr 2014

Daniela Norris, former diplomat and atheist, discovers communication with the other side following the sudden death of her younger brother.

Inner Light, The by P.T. Mistlberger

Inner Light, The

P.T. Mistlberger

Mar 2014

A comprehensive course in spiritual development via the powerful teachings of the Western esoteric tradition.

Womanity's Cosmic Blueprint by Corinne Carmen

Womanity's Cosmic Blueprint

Corinne Carmen

Feb 2014

This book offers solutions to humanity's and the planet's accelerating state of decline by strengthening the force known as the ways of the woman.

Lion of Light  by Gordon Strong

Lion of Light

Gordon Strong

Dec 2013

Without Madame Blavatsky the New Age would not exist. This pioneering and phenomenal spiritual traveller deserves new respect and recognition.

Angels In Between, The by Marcia Brennan

Angels In Between, The

Marcia Brennan

Aug 2013

Professor Marcia Brennan tells the story of how she engages with the mystical and angelic worlds—and how you can connect with these realms, as well.

Woman's Worth, A by Maggy Whitehouse

Woman's Worth, A

Maggy Whitehouse

Jul 2013

The development of the feminine soul of humanity through the lives and adventures of the women of the Bible

Colin Wilson's 'Occult Trilogy' by Colin Stanley

Colin Wilson's 'Occult Trilogy'

Colin Stanley

May 2013

An essential guide to Colin Wilson's major writings on the occult.

Atum-Re Revival, The by Melusine Draco

Atum-Re Revival, The

Melusine Draco

Apr 2013

The magic, religion and spirituality of the ancient Egyptians can still teach us how to live today in both earthly and cosmic harmony

No Name No Number by Hilary H. Carter

No Name No Number

Hilary H. Carter

Apr 2013

Are we a consciousness program, programmed with the binary system and can we use numbers to get out of the program?

Pagan Eden, The by Ian Freer

Pagan Eden, The

Ian Freer

Feb 2013

The master key to ancient original Kabbalah revealed at last. The Tree of Life is a family tree from ancient Iraq.

Way of Change, The by Luitha K Tamaya

Way of Change, The

Luitha K Tamaya

Jan 2013

Times are always changing, but with the power of Connection, Truth, Courage and Vision we can thrive in the chaos.

Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones by Melusine Draco

Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones

Melusine Draco

Sep 2012

Discover magical and sacred uses of the crystals, minerals and rocks that make up your part of the world.

In the Shadow of the Cross by Billy Roberts

In the Shadow of the Cross

Billy Roberts

Jul 2012

The story of the life of Jesus beyond the crucifixion, culminating into the greatest conspiracy of all time.

Patterns of Creation by Stephen Pope

Patterns of Creation

Stephen Pope

Jun 2012

At your core is your spiritual Being. It is accessible to you now. This is the essence of John's Gospel.

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  • Mark BennettMark BennettRichard, has been actively psychic for over a quarter of a century, and the volume, quality, and unu...
  • P.T. MistlbergerP.T. MistlbergerP.T. Mistlberger is a transpersonal therapist, seminar leader, and author of the books A Natural Awa...
  • James YoungJames YoungDr. James H. (Jim) Young has served with distinction as a distinguished professor of higher educatio...
  • Hilary H. CarterHilary H. CarterHilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She ...
  • Ceri Louise ThomasCeri Louise Thomas
  • Chris MortonChris Morton
  • Marja de VriesMarja de VriesMarja de Vries (1954) studied biology and ecology and worked as a fabric artist. Wanting to find out...
  • Daniela I. NorrisDaniela I. NorrisDaniela I. Norris is a former diplomat, turned political writer, and with age and wisdom - inspirati...
  • Shanta GabrielShanta GabrielShanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer. Inspired by ancient forms of healing, as wel...
  • Christina LundenChristina LundenChristina Lunden is here to channel the Angels to give messages of truth, light, knowledge and wisdo...
  • Carolyn Ethel BowyerCarolyn Ethel BowyerCarolyn Bowyer is a psychic who has been working with angels for the past 18 years. A Reiki master, ...
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