• Living on the Inner Edge
    Cyrus Ryan
    The author has, in this intriguing and timely book, captured the essence of a lifetime of insight and perspective on The Ancient Mysteries. Many lifetimes could easily be spent by the aspirant in accumulating, analyzing and synthesizing the breadth of Esoteric knowledge that is revealed in this easily accessible format. Profound and rarely revealed Occult teachings are brought into the clarity of daylight through the use of diagrams and visual representations. The soul-penetrating implications of the message contained therein leaves the reader eager for more. ~ Jason Orr, CPA, Author of How To Make Your Numbers Talk: Your Financial Blueprint to Greater Profits

  • Living on the Inner Edge
    Cyrus Ryan
    For all genuine seekers interested in applying esoteric truths to daily life, Cyrus Ryan's first book is a "must read". Living on the Inner Edge - A Practical Esoteric Tale is the captivating account of his spiritual journey beginning with a first awakening and leading to a thirty year group experience with a bona fide spiritual teacher from Indonesia simply known as RN.
    The author is frank and honest in his narration of the group challenges and the behavior of certain individuals, including himself, and how they affect the group dynamics as well as the teacher. Readers will not fail to be fascinated by some of the author's surprising adventures, particularly those related to meditation, in India and Tibet. The narration interweaves adeptly between personal experiences, and a very clear exposition of the esoteric teachings as presented by their mentor. These include Theosophy, Vedanta and Atma Vidya traditions, the Alice A. Bailey/Djwhal Khul material, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, and the comparatively new Fourth Way teachings of Gurjieff and Ouspensky.

    A particularly helpful part of the book are those chapters which present topics rarely tackled in other spiritual literature, such as the question of love, sex and spirituality, how to ward off astral attacks and elemental forces, and the facing of unredeemed demons from the past which eventually constitutes what is called in esoteric literature as "the dweller on the threshold." The book is replete with many diagrams of obscure esoteric philosophy such as the inner components of the human being.

    The book culminates with a sharing of an inspiring lecture given by RN in November, 1981 entitled The Science of Transformation in the Great Work. In all, I have no reservation in highly recommending this unique account, an experiment in group discipleship inspired by one of the Teachers of Wisdom from one of the Inner Ashrams of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This work presents just part of the saga and we are given to understand a sequel is in the offing. Personally I can hardly wait for the manifestation of the second part!
    ~ Fiona C. Odgren, Author of Insights From the Masters, Timeless Truths of The Secret Doctrine

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

    In these times when the rise of achievements in Science continue to dazzle humanity but also interest in spirituality is gaining momentum, attempts to bring about a synthesis between the two is to be welcomed and lauded.
    Roza and Margarita's second book, Creator and Creators, is a superb and masterly effort to bring about this liaison. Both authors with professional backgrounds in the scientific and artistic fields along with many decades' study of esoteric spirituality are eminently qualified to meet this challenge.
    In the beginning of the work they broach the great questions with regard to the mysteries of the Universe and how it all came about. They commence courageously from the ultimate point of Nothing/Everything, the Plenum Void, the Full Emptiness of the Absolute Source and with the recognition of the great Cosmic Rhythm, the fundamental pulse and heartbeat at the very origin of life. From there the unfoldment process is described with the powerful revelation that the essence of the Source, which they call Spirit, is imprinted in all forms of creation and that the entire Universe manifests holographically. The idea of the Universe being holographic is the over-riding and inspirational leitmotif of this book and provides the basis for all the fascinating themes presented. The term itself is derived from science and the authors provide a very readable explanation of its scientific demonstration as in holographic photography, but the concept it encompasses is to be found at the heart of spiritual literature and the Wisdom teachings that precede all religions.
    The authors have chosen to draw upon three specific esoteric spiritual sources: H.P. Blavatsky's extraordinary two volume tome published in 1889, The Secret Doctrine, the unique 13 books of the Agni Yoga writings which were transmitted to Helena Roerich by the Master Morya (1920s-1941), and a little known work by the Russian contemplative and philosopher, Alexander Naumkin, Kalagia, written in collaboration with one of the Teachers of Light of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the 1990s. The latter has not been fully translated into English but by all accounts is remarkable in its explanation of the Creation process using terms related to the modern scientific world.
    On the scientific side, to demonstrate their theories of synthesis, the authors draw upon an impressive array of cutting-edge scientists of these times and the 20th century in the fields of cosmology, quantum physics, mathematics, nuclear medicine, neurology, and sacred geometry. These include David Bohm (British nuclear physicist and friend of Krishnamurti), Karl Pribram, Edward Whitten (eminent physics professor), Denis Gabor (inventor of technical holography), Robert Llinas (mathematician), cosmologist Stephen Hawking, Bruce Rosenblum, Werner Heisenberg, and Norman Doidge (researcher in neuroplasticity).
    In elegant and very readable language, the authors consider in the light of their main theme, such thought provoking subjects as the role of Light in the creative process, the manifestations of Achetypes, Dark Energy and Black Holes, the Multi-dimensions of Matter, Genetics, Neuro-Physiology, Life after Death states, Involution and Evolution. Regarding the latter they resolve most convincingly the ages-old debate of Evolution versus Creation by presenting the great cyclic law of the Universe and demonstrating that evolution exists on other levels besides the physical.
    The spiritual explanations provided of Dark Energy as potential future universes in waiting and in a state of pralaya is riveting and convincingly portrayed. Also the spiritual explanation of Black Holes (which occur when large stars implode) as happenings when a large star has achieved unification with "All That is" in Spirit is highly inspirational. Consciousness and its origin with the Ultimate Source (called Spirit throughout this work) is a major subject and is really key to a greater understanding between the worlds of Science and Spirituality. The authors clearly demonstrate that progressive scientists are now beginning to consider the spiritual viewpoint that Consciousness precedes matter, originates with Spirit and is independent of brain function. And indeed all of life displays some form of consciousness.
    In the final chapter the authors consider the important practical question of how their findings can shape the future on our planet in a beneficial way. The synthesis that they have so convincingly presented show definitively that Unity is the basis of the laws of the Universe and human beings will fulfill their role as beneficent co-creators in the scheme of things only when they have learnt to co-operate with the laws of nature and learnt to recognize the wondrous interconnectedness of all life. Here the authors provide some useful insights and solutions into the problems especially pertinent and challenging humanity in the 21st century.
    This book is truly a tour de force in the field of bringing about greater understanding between Science and Spirituality. Heartfelt Congratulations to the authors for this great accomplishment!
    ~ Fiona Odgren, President , Theosophical Society, Victoria BC, Canada

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    Creator and Creators:Co-creation with Nature: Synthesis of spiritual philosophy and science, by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen This deeply researched and scholarly book, beautifully and succinctly written, is exactly what it states on the title page, being a synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and modern science. The authors write with great clarity, but non-scientific readers will find themselves looking into dictionaries for the meanings of some scientific terms. The authors do, however, make everything clear and accessible, having studied science and both ancient and modern religious ideas and philosophies.

    This is a delightful, if demanding, book to read: indeed multiple readings may well be found necessary, but will remain enjoyable and instructive. A guide is given to personal and global understanding and peace, if the reader will but read carefully; and those already holding open-minded religious or spiritual views will find them underlined, as the authors have studied widely in both religious and spiritual matters and modern science. This is a readable, believable, synthesis of religious and spiritual philosophies with science. A tour de force, which ends with a challenge to all thinking people everywhere: TRY!
    ~ Sylvia Charlewood, TRIUNE OF LIGHT newsletter, spring 2018

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

    Book review

    This enlightening book, “Creator and Creators”, so convincingly carries us a big step forward to the goal of human life-spans on earth: enlightenment and perfection, to “…receive an ability to produce creations of immortal beauty.”

    By understanding anew our “spiritual science”, we can eliminate wars, and stop our abuse of Mother Nature. The profound, timely knowledge, so lovingly given in this book “Creator and Creators”, is so relevant to our age, to the modern man, who has to understand “The Whole” in order to live an evolutionary life on Mother Earth.

    In our scientific age, we can now - anew - understand our ancient forefathers’ spiritual concepts in their profundity. In this book, “Creator and Creators”, they are re-interpreted for us.

    “….But usually, while acting in the Solid World, we haven’t experienced all the experiences upon which the perfect picture is based and therefore our manifestation is rarely complete.” Have we ever thought about this? We should!

    Thank you for this marvellous work!
    Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
    Óðsmál research Iceland

    ~ Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, Óðsmál Research Iceland

  • Transformational Truth of YOU!, The
    Tiffany Crosara
    Subtitled ‘the magician’s journey’, this book is about cocreating your life reality and turning loss into transformation, as illustrated through the author’s own experience, especially that of losing her young daughter. Each chapter has a corresponding Tarot card heading that illuminates its message, often based on one of life’s ironies and synchronicities. The purpose is for readers to tune into their depths and to face their own truth by understanding the deeper reality of their life experiences. It is also important to balance the function of the ego, develop trust in life and harmonise head and heart. There is a good exercise to work out one’s values and align one’s actions to the highest good. Readers can also learn from the author’s own ‘mistakes’ and the lessons she drew from them. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm explorer

  • The Golden Dawn - A Key to Ritual Magic
    Gordon Strong
    This is the story of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn inaugurated in 1888 more or less dissolving 15 years later through internal politics. The author observes that the question asked of the initiate ‘why do you seek?’ has only one acceptable answer, ‘I seek in order to serve’, an adage as true today as ever when it comes to power. The 1890s were an exciting period in esoteric history, and the Golden Dawn proved an important meeting point for many prominent people including AE Waite, WB Yeats and Charles Williams. The central character was McGregor Mathers with his wife Moina, who was the sister of Henri Bergson. Women played an important role at a time of emerging sexual equality. The history of the Order and its many colourful characters are vividly evoked and it is easy to see why it could not last. Members chose their own motto, and Yeats selected ‘Demon est Deus Inversus’. There is also a good discussion of the meaning of magic in the Western tradition with its associated history. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    This book is written by Australian authors with a Russian background. It is therefore quite understandable that they draw much of their inspiration from Russian spiritual thinkers. The authors make frequent reference to the works of HPBlavatsky (Theosophy), Helena Roerich (Agni Yoga), and Alexander Naumkin (Kalagia). Using these sources, their writings cover the development of Russian spiritual thinking as it matured from 1875 to 1993.

    This span of time has also seen an exponential growth in the development of scientific thinking. Coupled with this, science has seen a movement away from an unquestioned belief in its classic materialistic methods, to a much more open-minded approach to the role which philosophical disciplines might play in our scientific understanding of the Universe as a whole. The writers develop this theme of interfacing science with, for want of a better term, ‘New Age’, spiritual thinking.

    However, their approach to spiritual thinking is anything but ‘faddish’ and ‘New Age’. Their thesis is based on the Theosophical notion of an ultimately ‘Unknowable Source’ (see article on page 26 of this issue on The Secret Doctrine: The One Principle) expressing Itself through a series of inter-penetrating planes of consciousness in the form of a Multiverse created from its own energies.

    The book begins by stating that the Creation is a Holographic process. This is a process of creation in energy and light, a process whereby the Spiritual Source divides its fundamental energies into working components of Manifest Life of all forms. This enables the process of Co-Creation to take place. The Ultimate Spiritual Source learns from its Creation, and its Creation simultaneously learns about its Ultimate Source. The process begins in the initial chaos of involution into Matter, and concludes in the beauty and harmony of completed evolution into Spirit. The authors re-affirm their point of view with frequent reference to the three principle sources of spiritual literature upon which they base their work, ie. Theosophy, Agni Yoga, and Kalagia. However, the fundamental basis of their work lies in the authors’ spiritual and daily life experiences in Russia and Australia.
    After explaining the holographic nature of the Universe and the process of manifestation in some detail, the authors continue on to examine the ways in which commonly manifest phenomena accord with the scientific principles of holographic manifestation.

    They discuss manifestation both in nature and in the human body. In this section of the book they elaborate on the role of ideal archetypes in the creative process. These archetypes embody ultimate perfection and the challenge is for the imperfect material life-forms to replicate the perfection embodied in these archetypes in their respective planes of consciousness. The authors then take a brave step forward to look at the ways in which the human embryo materializes from its Spiritual sources. Relevant sciences in the fields of physics, botany and biology are frequently and coherently referenced throughout this section of the book. Predictably, many of the scientists whose works are discussed are of Russian origin.

    The book also has a strong practical emphasis. This emerges particularly in the last chapter. The authors state that the ultimate aim of this creative process is to re-harmonize Spirit’s Creation with its Ultimate Source. This is done by acquiring wisdom through the development of loving experience in all the aspects of our lives. Along with the development of this loving wisdom comes greater personal power. The challenge is to use this increased personal power in the cause of initiating, developing, and expanding harmony and beauty throughout the Universe. There is a responsibility on all of us to continue to do this throughout our infinite spiritual journey.

    This book is challenging reading. In fact, one could say it is almost a meditative experience! It is something to be read, absorbed, and then embraced for further study and contemplation. It is a brave, and in my opinion, a very successful attempt to demonstrate the truth that Spirit and Matter are a Unity and that both Science and Philosophy are intertwined in helping us to understand more about this Unity. I strongly recommend this book to all committed Seekers. ~ Paul Rooke, (Theosophy Downunder: Newsletter of the Theosophical Society , Pasadena, Australasian Section, March 2018,

  • Remember The Creator
    William Wildblood
    In a better world, William Wildblood would be recognised as a national treasure! A lifetime of quiet, serious, modest, intelligent seeking has led him to a mature spiritual Christianity that is exactly what we most need: here and now. What is more, Wildblood's writing is characterized by a delightful clarity, elegance and courage. Truly essential reading. ~ Bruce G. Charlton MD., author of Addicted to Distraction: Psychological consequences of the modern Mass Media

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    In Creator and Creators, Co-creation with Nature: A Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen, the authors set out to synthesize knowledge from a variety of sources, including their own experiences, to discover the “mysteries of the universe.” The brilliance of Creator and Creators is that they actually do potentially solve one mystery in spiritual philosophy. When studying the works of Qabbalah or Theosophy, one is immediately confronted with the doctrine of the Seven Rays. In both spiritual philosophies, these rays have to split up in order to manifest life. But has anyone ever actually questioned why these rays have to split in order to create the universe and its inhabitants? Roza and Margarita ask the question and they answer it. By comparing the universe to a giant hologram, a ray of light has to split in order to encode information in its inhabitants and establish their appearance in a constructed reality. The information in light is burned into the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies of mankind; mankind subsequently co-creates with his Creator to establish the type of society that reflects the information in the rays of light. The thesis is genuinely intriguing and has to be taken seriously. After all, theoretical physicist Brian Greene has argued that the universe and all its objects may very well be holograms that are mere representations of a deeper unknown realm where the real events in the cosmos take place.

    In their book, Roza and Margarita recognize that the fundamental property of the universe is its “pulse” or its “rhythm.” This pulse transfers archetypal information into the material worlds; patterns such as spirals, solids, and mathematical/musical sequences are simply the reflections of such archetypal information encoded in light rays. These patterns contain the mystery of the universe because “every part and particle of holographically manifested matter possesses the qualities of the whole hologram.” For human beings, the ancestral Adam in spiritual philosophies is simply a symbol of an archetype in a sphere of the “highest vibrations” that is beyond “Time.” Through the coils of the mythical serpent (which are simply the paths of the light rays as they split to manifest as different appearances), the human body, with all its complexity of cells and DNA and genomes and amino acids, becomes a “holographic memory.” Mind programs the brain precisely because the human body is a holographic memory. For Roza and Margarita, “Raising our Thoughts to the level of archetypes actually means reaching into the depths of our essence.” Over centuries and centuries, spiritual philosophies have taught us to try to become like Adam. Working from the theory of holographic memory, we now have a scientific reason behind our efforts. Adam, as an archetype of encoded knowledge within the light rays, is the source of holographic memory and thus a more perfected state of enlightenment.

    In their final chapter, Roza and Margarita develop this theory of holographic memory to its logical conclusion, “We can see an example of the connection between the potential and its realization in the genetic code and its manifestation in an actual human life.” Through an understanding of this connection it will someday be possible to consciously shape our future as human beings because our genotypes provide the potential. We will become conscious co-Creators with our Creator.
    Reviewed by Don Shepherd Ph.D., USA ~ Dr. Don Shepherd Ph.D. in Intellectual History, Theosophy Northwest website

  • The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot
    Denise McDermott-King
    Praise for Denise McDermott-King's first book The Master, The Lover and Me: This is an important book. Raymond Moody’s 1975 groundbreaking book 'Life After Life' brought near-death and out-of-body experiences to the public, increasing our awareness of the human spirit. For most of us, spiritual journeys and spirit beings have remained out of reach. This has now changed with Denise McDermott-King's book, which I believe will rank amongst the groundbreaking books of spiritual awareness. Now, if we so desire, we can go on a spiritual journey accompanied by spirit beings while still in human form. If you are a spiritual seeker this book will take you on a captivating journey. ~ Bud Carroll, Writer

  • Living on the Inner Edge
    Cyrus Ryan
    Cyrus Ryan, after years of meditation, study, searching and experimenting under the direction of his spiritual teacher and the influence of the Masters, has, in this book, unveiled the way of the Group of World Servers. The means of spiritual advancement through group at-one-ment has been clarified for the uninitiated. A veil of obscurity has been removed and the usefulness of the process clarified. ~ Robin Armstrong, President RASA School of Astrology

  • The Master, The Lover, and Me
    Denise McDermott-King

    Denise’s writing has a depth of insight and clarity of voice that touches a place in the soul, calling forth love and joy. This work is a practical guide to personal and collective spiritual wholeness. It illumines the eternal quest for truth. Through the insights of the Adepts and Masters and through the author herself, the book reveals modern esoteric teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Denise courageously shares her spiritual journey with candour, gentle humour, and enough intimacy that we get a glimpse of her innermost self. This helps recall the divine mission that belongs to each of us. I truly loved reading this book.

    ~ Jeanette Wood , Retired teacher and student of Theosophy.

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    ...full of interesting ideas and concepts, this is a book which presents a possible view of life and existence. Much of it should be familiar to those with some experience of esoteric traditions and the authors' hypothesis that existence is a multi-layered hologram is a good addition to the esoteric literature. ~ Dr. Gregory Woodford, PhD in mathematics, Melbourne University

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    I would like to congratulate you on this great work. It is quite comprehensive. ~ Sanjay Raghav, MBBS, MD, DM, FRACP, adjunct senior lecturer, Monash University, Department of Medicine, Therapeutic Director at Yarra Valley Living Centre, House of Gawler Cancer Foundation

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    Many Thanks for your Great Wisdom and Artistry. ~ Victoria LePage, author of Shambhala and Mysteries of the Bridechamber

  • The Master, The Lover, and Me
    Denise McDermott-King

    I knew your story was going to be centered, and I was not disappointed. I haven't read clear TRUTH like your narrative in a very long time . . . and the words of your ‘Masters’ are ringing in my ears still with a clear frequency. You write with a reverence and passion, clearly and concisely, casting a full-spectrum light on questions difficult to answer, and answer them you do. Your story reminds me of "Autobiography of a Yogi", by Paramahansa Yogananda . . . I am so pleased you wrote The Letter . . . . .

    ~ S.C.Thompson, Author/writer

  • The Master, The Lover, and Me
    Denise McDermott-King
    Denise, Your amazing well written Journey reminds me a lot of the book: “The New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, this work concentrates on the "Ego" and living in the "Now". I always said, if ever I reached the point where money was no object, I would send this bulk mail around the world. It is so important for spiritual journeys to be documented and shared for we each resonate to different things. It is our responsibility to share these journeys so they may reach the multitudes not the select few.

    I think your journey is one of enlightenment for many, and I know that your letter has brought you to this time of sharing and purpose.
    ~ Columbia Scott , Author

  • The Master, The Lover, and Me
    Denise McDermott-King
    It is thought provoking and written in a non-lecturing manner. Professionally presented and some beautiful descriptions.
    Wishing you every success

    ~ Paula Cuthbert

  • The Master, The Lover, and Me
    Denise McDermott-King
    An inspirational and thought provoking read that has been executed exceptionally well. You have some lovely phrases, like the sun rose kissing my face gently. Chapter two you conveyed your fear and your anger at God very well.
    An exciting read and enhanced beautifully by your wonderful clear and concise writing. Fine writing.

    ~ Mel Comley

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