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Heretics: Past and Present

Can We Now Explain the Unexplainable?

Brian Allan

Jun 2010

From ancient magicians to modern UFO researchers, Heretics: Past and Present investigates the what, how and why behind the arcane, with fresh and often disturbing conclusions. A must for any serious researcher of the paranormal, an absolute requirem

Colin Wilson's 'Occult Trilogy'

a guide for students

Colin Stanley

May 2013

An essential guide to Colin Wilson's major writings on the occult.

The Golden Dawn - A Key to Ritual Magic

Gordon Strong

Jul 2014

The Esoteric Order of The Golden Dawn was a school of magic, founded during the late nineteenth century, one vowing to reveal all manner of occult knowledge to its members.

Insights From the Masters

A Compilation

Fiona C. Odgren

Aug 2016

Who could believe the Masters Koot Humi and Morya would have such a sense of humour!

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