Forthcoming Books

The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot by Denise McDermott-King

The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot

And All Because of The Letter.

Denise McDermott-King

Jun 2018

Sacred Love in the Sacred Isles.

Creator and Creators by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

Creator and Creators

Co-creation with Nature - A Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science

Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

Jul 2018

A way to become a Co-Creator with Nature by working with Time, Light, and Thought.

Living on the Inner Edge by Cyrus Ryan

Living on the Inner Edge

A Practical Esoteric Tale

Cyrus Ryan

Dec 2018

A mystical story: breaking traditional boundaries, new thought, practices, insights, and a way of knowledge.

Remember The Creator by William Wildblood

Remember The Creator

The reality of God

William Wildblood

Mar 2019

The reality of God and how to become aware of that reality.

  • Alan ButlerAlan ButlerAlan Butler has had a life-long interest in sheep. He writes stage and radio plays, and has publishe...
  • Dr Geo TrevarthenDr Geo TrevarthenGeo Trevarthen is a hereditary practitioner of celtic shamanism, currently teaching at Edinburgh Uni...
  • Nicholas HaggerNicholas HaggerNicholas Hagger is a poet, man of letters, cultural historian and philosopher. He has lectured in En...
  • Richard LawrenceRichard LawrenceRichard, has been actively psychic for over a quarter of a century, and the volume, quality, and unu...
  • Mark BennettMark BennettRichard, has been actively psychic for over a quarter of a century, and the volume, quality, and unu...
  • P.T. MistlbergerP.T. MistlbergerP.T. Mistlberger is a transpersonal therapist, seminar leader, and author of the books A Natural Awa...
  • James YoungJames YoungDr. James H. (Jim) Young has served with distinction as a distinguished professor of higher educatio...
  • Hilary H. CarterHilary H. CarterHilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She ...
  • Ceri Louise ThomasCeri Louise Thomas
  • Chris MortonChris Morton
  • Marja de VriesMarja de VriesMarja de Vries (1954) studied biology and ecology and worked as a fabric artist. Wanting to find out...
  • Daniela I. NorrisDaniela I. NorrisDaniela I. Norris is a former diplomat, turned political writer, and with age and wisdom - inspirati...
  • Shanta GabrielShanta GabrielShanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer. Inspired by ancient forms of healing, as wel...
  • Christina LundenChristina LundenChristina Lunden is here to channel the Angels to give messages of truth, light, knowledge and wisdo...
  • Carolyn Ethel BowyerCarolyn Ethel BowyerCarolyn Bowyer is a psychic who has been working with angels for the past 18 years. A Reiki master, ...
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