Whole Elephant Revealed, The

Whole Elephant Revealed, The

Insights into the existence and operation of Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio

Insight into the universal laws.


This book offers a clear and well-founded insight into the universal laws and golden ratio as the underlying principles of the dynamic harmony and balance of the universe. Clearly written, it is based on the common insights of all wisdom traditions as well as on cutting-edge scientific discoveries that are in line with those insights. This synthesis reveals a whole new and coherent worldview, which helps to understand how everything works in the universe, who we really are and what our potential is. Everything that is in line with these universal laws takes less effort, is in tune with who we really are and is in harmony with the greater whole. Therefore it gives us an understanding of what is needed to restore personal and global balance. These principles are called universal because they work on all levels of existence and apply to all aspects of our personal and social life. Therefore, they can be used as a frame of reference for all personal and social transformations towards human flourishing within a more balanced, equitable, sustainable and peaceful world.


This greatly informative book by the Dutch author (biologist/ecologist) Marja de Vries is a respectable attempt to formulate seven universal laws or principles (Hermes Trismegistus). These interconnected laws are respectively: the law of oneness, correspondence, vibration (and laws derived from thereof), polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, accumulating in the law of dynamic balance. Via an impressive broad spectrum of essential insights from ancient wisdom traditions and modern (alternative) science - from (cel)biology via consciousness research and quantum physics - she illustrates and deepens the fundamental propositions she formulates for every law. Furthermore she gives extensive attention to the Golden Ratio as a universal mechanism for shaping form, creation and spatial patterns of growth (including development of consciousness). A gift to present difficult subjects educationally sound and pleasant to read complete this well-organized signpost to the new world. A must for every spiritually interested reader. With index, bibliography and lots of endnotes.

~ , by the National Library Service

Fascinating correspondences between ancient traditions and modern scientific understanding and a beautiful synthesis between wisdom traditions and science. Good written, well-founded, good to read.

~ , Symbolon

Universal questions are covered in this accessible, clear book. It starts with a Sufi story about a king who travels with his elephant through the country. Blind people who feel the elephant and based on that they all develop a different image of it. All true in their own right. With this metaphor the author gives the reader an insight into the working of the universe and also offers a frame of reference in which to place the different aspects of yourself and of the world around you, while keeping your own discernment. How can we restore the balance in ourselves, find more harmony in the world around us? And how can we at this moment in time transform education so that it will be more in line with who in essence the present children are? You will find your own answers in this valuable book.

~ , Seizoenen, magazine for Waldorf Schools

It gives me hope to see The Whole Elephant Revealed now also in English, for in it you provide keys to unlock the treasures of human understanding that are in such great need today. You integrate an extraordinary range of sources, with an uncommon wisdom. Though I love many of the quotes from sages and scientists, I find your own expressions of the core ideas equally compelling. I'm engaged, as are many others, in doing whatever comes to mind to help with the re-education of our millions, whose contributions are needed if we are to have a bright future. Your book will be a powerful asset since it brings together the best ideas and broadest understanding of who we are as humans and as integral elements of the world. Thank you for this work.

~ Roger Nelson, PhD, Director, Global Consciousness Project,Princeton University, Retired

The Whole Elephant Revealed is a thrilling synthesis that is desperately needed. Marja de Vries has woven a beautiful tapestry uniting the deepest insights of the great wisdom traditions with the revelations of modern science. She shows that humans are an integral, synchronized aspect of the universe, not an accidental, meaningless appendage. If we are to endure, the widespread understanding of the principles in this book is utterly necessary.

~ Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Power of Premonitions, Healing Words and Reinventing Medicine

This amazing book by a woman is a refreshingly welcome contrast to the masculine manner in which Laws of Nature have been derived by western science. Rather than expounding on abstractions derived from relatively recent measurements of a universe construed as meaningless matter in accidental evolution, Marja de Vries, with exquisite scholarship, pulls together the wealth of our human heritage of Laws of Nature as understood by diverse ancient cultures that integrated intellect, consciousness, spirit and heart, making them as meaningful and practically powerful today as when first revealed. This book will hasten the day when western science itself will acknowledge the validity of a global consortium of sciences that together give us a more complete picture of our universe.

~ Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist and futurist; author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution

A veritable tour de force, The Whole Elephant Revealed by Marja de Vries is a treasure consisting of the intimate blending of ancient wisdom with mostly internally self-consistent experimental and theoretical findings by present-day scientists, journalists, mystics and lay public. It is a strongly recommended read by anyone who wishes to expand their consciousness and grow in their own evolutionary beingness.

~ William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Department of Materials Science

Marja de Vries uses The Kybalion as a framework to weave a tapestry from the threads of wisdom traditions and modern science.  As this book deepens our understanding of the reality that underlies the apparent one, our vision of the tapestry morphs. The perception that its composition contained separate strands was merely an illusion.  The Whole Elephant Revealed is an insightful unveiling, layer by layer, of the Universal truths that underlie personal and global transformation. It is a welcome addition to the literature that is integrating science and spirituality.    

~ Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D., author of The ESP Enigma

The Sufi story of the blind people and the elephant shows the importance of perceiving the whole and getting to the essence of things, to the mystery of being. This universal insight into the essence of things based on the wisdom traditions, as described in this book, shows the meaning of all transformations. An enriching book also for organisation spirituality. ~ Paul de Blot SJ, , Professor of Business Spiritualiteit at the Business University Nyenrode, The Netherlands.

A great and unique masterpiece without pretending to be a masterpiece. Well-founded with relevant references from a varied arsenal of sources, Marja takes us via mystic and systems describing perspectives to a path of universal laws and to the human being as a whole. A synthesis finally connecting wisdom traditions and science in a profound way ~ Han Wassenaar, researcher in neuro-and psychobiology with the practice ZIGCOM

A beautiful book, very clarifying. An absolute enrichment for everyone, regardless what they have read so far. Again the puzzle is more complete. For me what makes a book attractive is also to be found in the complexity and the need to use the brain. Once again, a true jewel, and for many a lot of pleasure to read and digest. ~ Helen van Langeveld-Peters, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master/healer

The Whole Elephant Revealed is a must for everyone who really wants to grasp the correspondences between ancient traditions and recent scientific understandings. Not one moment becoming dull or incomprehensible Marja takes us along on a voyage of discovery to the cross connections. And then, to realize that this result of thorough study, thinking and deep intuition, is only the beginning! What will follow next are the consequences of these insights for how we - human beings - learn and how we can support our children to learn. Already I am looking forward to that too! ~ Charlotte Korbee, director Shapers of Education International Foundation

This book is a gift for all who are interested in their own development and in the evolution of humankind in general. It is a heartwarming overview of and insight into the developments of science, linked with spiritual insights, shamanism and the spiritual evolution accelerating already for some thirty years. I am very glad with this book ~ Paul Liekens, author of 16 books on energy, psychology, spiritual development. Shaman and international trainer in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.

(Asked what has been the best advice ever received): "At my farewell dinner as skater I received from Willem Seves, the man who always made my skating shoes, the book The Whole Elephant Revealed by Marja de Vries. It is a philosophical, esoteric book and it has opened my world. It has given me peace and trust. A difficult book, but very much worth the effort ~ Carl Verheijen,, skater, answering the question during an interview with the magazine Intermediair.

I am impressed by the clarity of your book The Whole Elephant Revealed. I think you have written an unique and very valuable book (a masterpiece!), that could play a role in the transformation of our western culture and maybe even in the worldwide transformation, which in my opinion is absolutely necessary to be able to deal in time with the big questions we are facing. To be able to do this, this book has to be sold and used a lot! ~ Drs. Erik Mandersloot, Lecturer and researcher Nyenrode Business University & founder UNOO

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for The Whole Elephant Revealed! I have become very happy because of the recognition and affirmation, the connection and oneness, the love and clarity. For me the clarity about the Dynamic Balance between the female and male principle is the confirmation of what I consider to be my own red thread. It gives inspiration and strength to continue re-establishing the 'forgotten' female principle in myself and because of that also to contribute to that process in others. ~ Jenny Menheere, Resonance Healer/Teacher

Marja de Vries
Marja de Vries Marja de Vries (1954) studied biology and ecology and worked as a fabric artist. Wanting to find out how we as human beings can live in harm...
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