Transformational Truth of YOU!, The

Transformational Truth of YOU!, The

The Magician's Journey

The second book in the award-winning Transformational Truth series concentrates on why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you. Discover the key to your destiny held within your own personal karma and how transform it into a magical blessing.


The second book in the award-winning Transformational Truth series by Tiffany Crosara. The Transformational Truth of You! is a prominent message about how to work with karma to transform it into blessings. A powerful and relevant message for the current times; times of searching for our purpose in order to do ourselves and the world justice. Through archetypal storytelling and true-life stories, the author demonstrates the power of love and loss, trial and tribulation, and the incredible transformative magic contained within them. The book contains channelled information on current personal and worldly shifts and how to develop grace, humility and non-judgment: three key ingredients that help grow the ability to open up and listen to the messages of wisdom contained in the universe, and develop trust in the grand master plan. Find out why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you. Discover the key to your destiny held within your own personal karma and how to transform it into a magical blessing by delving into you and your 'Youinverse!'


Subtitled ‘the magician’s journey’, this book is about cocreating your life reality and turning loss into transformation, as illustrated through the author’s own experience, especially that of losing her young daughter. Each chapter has a corresponding Tarot card heading that illuminates its message, often based on one of life’s ironies and synchronicities. The purpose is for readers to tune into their depths and to face their own truth by understanding the deeper reality of their life experiences. It is also important to balance the function of the ego, develop trust in life and harmonise head and heart. There is a good exercise to work out one’s values and align one’s actions to the highest good. Readers can also learn from the author’s own ‘mistakes’ and the lessons she drew from them. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm explorer

“The universe has a wicked sense of humour...“ It certainly does, and is portrayed wonderfully in this beautifully written book. Irony, humour, facts and an intelligent look at how we can change our lives for the better and how to work confidently with the challenges the universe throws at us. Once started I could not put this book down. Highly recommended. ~ Kim Arnold, founder of the UK Tarot Conference

For anyone who’s drawn to the ideas behind the Law of Attraction this book will be a compelling read. Through her own stories and the archetypes of the tarot’s Major Arcana, Tiffany Crosara raises important questions in her exploration of modern-day “magick”, returning us to our spiritual roots and revealing the alchemical powers within all of us. ~ Joanna Watters, author of Tarot for Today & Astrology for Today

The Transformational Truth of You! shows us that the force of intention is the magic which manifests everything. Tiffany has the ability to take you on a soul journey like no other. This book empowered me to gain a deeper understanding of my own path and how to stay connected to it. Through profound metaphoric tales Tiffany sheds light on aspects of her own personal experience, with great exercises and powerful messages I felt Tiffany related to me. Her book is as personal and profound to her as it will be to you, the reader. ~ Aldo Raffa, celebrity TV Psychic,

For years I’ve taken for granted a somewhat synchronous life. I’m fortunate in that I rarely need to wait for something to manifest if I want it badly enough. This is both a blessing and detriment. The adage, be careful what you wish for, applies here. Admittedly, I’m guilty of not taking the time to understand why the Universe and I seem to work in tandem. The answer, we just do, no longer fits and really doesn’t honour what’s been given. Since reading Tiffany Crosara’s enlightening book, The Transformational Truth of You! I feel I can now give definition to my life experience and as a result, my limited focus has since widened, making room for integrity and inclusivity of the sacred to share the journey. Tiffany provides a type of roadmap that keeps me on track with my personal mission and I can’t help but see her as a skilled spiritual tour guide who lays the ground with doable checklists before, during and after the adventure. Each item helps build a more profound relationship with something greater and the ripple effect is palpable and transforming. Along the journey Tiffany introduces useful tarot archetypes that motivate magic, love and abundance. Each encounter creates new pathways for navigating magical thinking and as an end result (or is it just the beginning?), a profound connection with what Tiffany coins, Co-Creation takes place. This is key to the journey as it delivered me to a place where I could soul-tend and make a difference. If you are searching for a way to align with a supportive force that is universal and promotes unity, I encourage you to take up this adventure that Tiffany Crosara has thoughtfully laid out. A life changing adventure awaits and with it comes transforming results. ~ Carrie Paris

Tiffany Crosara
Tiffany Crosara Tiffany Crosara is one of the UK's top Psychic Tarot Readers working for Mysteries in Covent Garden, also named as one of the UK's best Psyc...
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