Temple Antiquities

Temple Antiquities

The Templar Papers II

A well researched, well written book which will intrigue, beguile and inform you, could this be the missing link in Templar research?


The Templar Papers II is the follow up to the successful The Templar Papers. The second compilation represents the best articles from issues 7-12 of The Temple.

To further the questers/students knowledge of the grand order of the Knight Templar; The Templar Papers II deals not only with the two hundred years of the orders existence but also studies relating to the Templars both before and after 1118 -1307. In error many authors see the Templars as an isolated order; however in this compilation the editor has compiled substantial material to give the reader a broader understanding of the Templars, related subjects and the formation of society as one knows it today. Renowned authors like Evelyn Lord, Sylvia Beamon, Philip Gardiner, Oddvar Olsen and Paul Broadhurst are represented as well as a selection of aspiring authors like Stephen Andrews, Yuri Leitch, and Terence Dick are also featured. Topics discussed in this compilation includes King Arthur, early Christianity, the St Clairs, sacred geometry, ancient British history, star lore and of course the Knights Templar. Find out more at www.thetemplebooklet.co.uk and www.thetemplepublications.com


There's more than enough written about the Templars to satisfy anyone's interest in this fascinating Order, but Temple Antiquities offers up some intriguing insights into the esoteric elements of Templar practice - especially the essay on the role of the Beauceant and the Labyrinth at Chartres. A valuable addition to anyone's research library. Carys Llewellyn : Freelance writer and book reviewer ~ Carys Llewellyn, amazon

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The well-written material engages and satisfies our curiosity; even when the grimmest doings were so long ago, the well qualified contributors show that Templar-hunting through the libraries and antique landscapes of European countries is a lively and productive pursuit.

~ JR, ForteanTimes

Oddvar Olsen
Oddvar Olsen Oddvar Olsen has studied mythologies, the occult, various mystery traditions and the Knights Templars since his early twenties. He has trave...
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