Rescued by Angels

Rescued by Angels

Autobiographical journey into angelic healing Rescued By Angels follows the author Philippa Merivale as she battles illness, disability and divorce to heal and provide for her children.


Rescued by Angels is a potent antidote to any kind of desperation! Personal, existential, domestic, financial, parental: you name it and youll quite likely find it in this fast-paced, stimulating, tear-jerking, entertaining true story – a roller-coaster from disaster to miracle and back again – which is at the same time a guidebook for the spiritual explorer or indeed anyone looking for answers when life seems to get a bit too tough. Counsellor and Natural Healer Philippa Merivale shares her personal journey through financial ruination, divorce, loss of home, health and the near-death of two of her three children. But the solace and the destination are given in the title: angelic rescue comes in all kinds of ways before you are finally introduced to the new and quite startling healing system that is rapidly spreading to bring about radical and positive change in lives around the globe.


Rescued by Angels is a fast-paced, stimulating, moving and entertaining true story, a roller-coaster ride through the disasters and miracles of life, and the tale of a profound awakening to the help and healing that may be called upon from other realms. It is a guidebook for the spiritual explorer, indeed for anyone looking for answers when life gets tough. ~ Cygnus Review

Rescued by Angels is remarkable for its story but even more so for its writing. It is a very personal glimpse into a painful journey - painful precisely because it is so full of love. ……The book is also remarkable because of the spiritual odyssey it describes – an open record of her ponderings, deepest emotions, and spiritual enlightenments. Very well written. It will move you, awe you, maybe even lead you toward healing… but only if you are willing to spend time, with the author and the angels, some ways off the ground. ~ Paul Harbridge,, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters-Indigo

I feel that any seeker would benefit from this tale of healing and miracles. I would recommend it to those looking for an exciting read with some amazing happy endings. ~ Riki Fahrmann, Mystic Living Today

Healing has always been considered a divine gift, and healers have always existed in every culture on earth. "Rescued by Angels" is a riveting story of a real-life healing that will bring hope and inspiration to all who read it. My advice: buy two copies — one for you and one for your physician. ~ Larry Dossey MD, Author of Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions

This is one of those self-help books which belongs in every person's home and community library for constant reference. While it reads like the most gripping of novels, as riveting and informative and inspiring and entertaining as any I've read, it's the best of courses in achieving happy reality for the most challenged, for everyone. ~ Suzanne Mendelssohn Ph.D, Chairperson, Global Comm. on Exceptional Healing, Univ of Arizona

Powerful, enlightening and uplifting, Rescued by Angels reminds us that so much of life is about trust, about dancing with the fears we face in adversity, and about doing our best to ensure that our ‘story’ ceases to be one that allows us to stay wedded to the ‘victim’ stance. An inspirational narrative of personal and universal healing that will strike a chord with absolutely anybody who reads it. ~ Max Eames, Psychotherapist and Author of Wealth Mechanic

Philippa Merivale is a teacher's teacher. Through courage and faith she has transformed one of life's greatest challenges...the near-fatal accident of her daughter. Rescued by Angels is an amazing account and awakening into Metatronic Healing. The true power of this work lies in the reality of her child Magdalen's journey back to life. I highly recommend this book, in fact it just may save your life. ~ Dr Darren Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique

Pippa's book is like taking a sneaky peek into someone's diary only to find each page more fascinating and compelling than the one before! In an easy to digest, uncomplicated way it carries the reader on an uplifting spiritual journey unfolding truths and wonders like the best Christmas presents before your very eyes. Inspiring, moving, deeply compelling and very exciting this book brings hope in the simplest of ways to the hearts of anyone who might read it whilst keeping a smile never far away. Truly excellent! ~ Edwin Courtenay, Author of The Ascended Masters Book of Ritual and Prayer; Reflections the Masters Remember

Philippa Merivale
Philippa Merivale Philippa Merivale is a natural healer with training in NLP, homoeopathic medicine and colour therapy, which she has taught extensively aroun...
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