Quantum Conspiracy, The

Quantum Conspiracy, The

A Novel of Possibilities

The Quantum Conspiracy by Chuck and Karen Robison explores the new consciousness in the light of the appearance of children with altered DNA.


The Quantum Conspiracy explores the global shift in consciousness that is being fueled by evolution theory, the appearance of remarkable children being born who reveal a new DNA-like shift, and the threats posed by a potential nuclear war and environmental degradation. It also explores the possibility and reality of the decades long dream of Earth being visited by benevolent aliens to help us through our Present Crisis. Along the way the authors discuss Native American prophesy, Egyptian mythology and the crisis American leadership has created in the Middle East. This book is a rare discussion of these elements with a powerful and credible approach to a positive outcome for all mankind. Karen Robison is a religious Science Practitioner and Chuck is a retired Presbyterian Minister.


2 of 2 people found the following review helpful: Dan Brown has nothing on Chuck and Karen Robison!, March 23, 2009 By J. M. Hayden "Integrative Excellence" (Central New Jersey, NJ USA) - See all my reviews /i> <>The Quantum Conspiracy: A Novel of Possibilities If you are at all into anything relating to the metaphysical, new consciousness, the new age, ascension, new earth energy, 2012, the age of Aquarius, star beings, reincarnation, the "secret" history of humankind, plain 'ole spirituality or just "sci-fi", or any other twist on the above, YOU are gonna LOVE this book. I opened the package at about 11:30 pm just before heading to bed and figured I would read the intro and look at the index. Oh well...Forget THAT! 5 hours and 168 pages later I had to get some sleep! This book is not always stylistically laid-out as a best-selling novel, but it is refreshing and truly a gripping page turner for anyone who calls themselves a spiritual seeker! Authors of the likes of Dan Brown, Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy could not have done their homework any better or created a more thrilling ride...the jacket write-up does not do justice to the information you will find inside this book! So, don't walk, don't even run, to your nearest store, trans-locate yourself instantly and get this book. It has my highest recommendation as a book of "fiction" that speaks volumes of TRUTH. Bravo to the authors. Espavo!<> Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Report this | Permalink Comment ~ J. M. Hayden, \"Integrative Excellence\"

The story is one scenario that provides a powerful, motivational and believable sense of hope for a positive outcome of the crises we face.  It is an entertaining and enlightening book that provides comfort during these stressful times. 

~ Marianne Hooker, New Age Journal

Chuck and Karen Robison use a lot of ideas -- from Hopi prophesies to evolutionary theory, the talents of a new generation to our current political landscape -- to argue for the possibility of a quantum leap in human development. All wrapped up in a science fiction-fact story that is as fun as it is illuminating, Robison's book opens the mind and uplifts the spirit." ~ Marianne Williamson, New York Times Best Selling Author

Please note for the book cover. has made the following endorsement for the book: Science tells us how humanity evolved from the most primitive lifeforms, but does human evolution have a destiny? A tipping point seems to be close at hand. Perhaps to a mass extinction of our own making? Or to a new awareness of the spiritual power within us to reverse our appointment with disaster? The Robisons don’t know the answer, but they do believe the choice is ours. This thought provoking novel tells you one of the ways it might all turn out – not badly if we only get a little help from our relatives on a planet of the star Sirius. Professor Emeritus, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Adjunct Professor, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, Univ. of California San Diego [UCSD] Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation, University of California Research Associate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD ____________________________________________________________________________ Lewis M. Branscomb equivalent alternative email For letter mail write to Lewis Branscomb, 1600 Ludington Lane, La Jolla, CA 92037. Phone 858 454 6871. ~ Lewis Branscomb. See Bio references above

Sometimes it takes something from out in left field to prompt new thinking. Chuck and Karen Robison's The Quantum Conspiracy is an alarm clock, ringing in response to the all too familiar litany of unsolved problems on this planet. In The Quantum Conspiracy, a novel that reads all too real, the world's governments have become so spent and corrupt that a cataclysmic end-time looms-until an expedition from across the galaxy arrives to usher in a new age of love, harmony and cooperation. "24"-like tension surrounds the visitors who, with time running out, confront a series of terrible challenges, including a "Gulf of Tonkin"-ish incident that's meant to start a war with Iran. But the book is more than an intergalactic adventure yarn. These heroes are armed only with the power of thought-wise, compassionate thought. I cheered for the good guys from outer space but couldn't help thinking how badly we humans have slipped up that we needed rescuing in the first place. ~ John Graham, President, The Giraffe Heroes Project

the authors are seeking the endorsements of Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Huston Smith, Peter Russell, John Bradshaw and Bruce Lipton, all of whom have appeared on the authors' radio program, "What If It really Works?" available on the Internet at www.whatifitreallyworks.com. ~

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