No Name No Number

No Name No Number

Exploring the 11:11 phenomenon

Are we a consciousness program, programmed with the binary system and can we use numbers to get out of the program?


Once in a while somebody steps out of line and decides to live their life in a completely different way to the norm. Yoga teacher Hilary Carter is such a person. When numbers and number patterns (especially the time prompt 11:11) began to appear in her everyday life she decided to see what would happen if she used the numbers as signs and followed them. Read what happens as Hilary is led by these number signs to a ruined convent in the heart of Unesco-protected prehistoric France. Why had she been guided to buy it? What was the reason for her being in the Dordogne region of France? She travels to Canada, USA, Mexico, Turkey and the Ashrams of India in search of answers. All the time the numbers talk to her and guide her on her way.


No Name No Number is a modern day revelation straight from the Goddess's mouth. It twines together synchronistic happenings with a strong sense of mental clarity and intuitive mastery. Hilary's journey takes the reader straight into the mystery of the void and asks that you allow time to wrap itself around you like a warm blanket on a cold winters day nurturing all of those sacred places within you. This book is a gift to humanity and Hilary lovingly anchors in the modern day mystic in real time and does a wonderful and brilliant job of showing us the hidden door into worlds of infinite potential. Hillary Raimo, author, radio host, psychic & modern day synchromystic ~ Hillary Raimo

Some time ago we interviewed Hilary after her first book The 11.11 Code was published (see An Interview with Hilary Carter). I was wondering why I could not remember much about the original book when I remembered it was reviewed by Hayley Wynne at the time. So for me this was my first journey with Hilary and I would echo Hayley’s comments, Hilary’s writing style is easy and perfectly paced. Right from the beginning we are wondering, with her, why she has bought this old convent in a region in France that she vowed never to return. One aspect of this book is her honesty and openness, she shares her deepest feelings and fears with us as she travels her path, which is chosen by her higher self using numbers (particularly 11:11). Even knowing that Hilary uses numbers (and seeing evidence of them appearing on her Facebook pages) I was amazed just how frequently they appear and how often Hilary makes her life choices by them. Only this week she read one of my posts on Facebook at 22.33 (it just keeps happening!). In ‘No Name No Number’ Hilary travels the world following the numerical prompts of her soul, sometimes with confidence and sometimes wondering if that particular 11 was a strong enough signal, as they were often hidden to the untrained eye. Her journey leads her to connect with the Children of the Sun, a group that I too have been involved in. In fact it was during an 11:11:11 ceremony that I met some of my Children of the Sun friends for the first time. It’s wonderful to see how we weave together, sometimes without knowing that is what we are doing. I really enjoyed reading ‘No Name No Number’ and I’m sure you will too. ~ Colin Whitby, The Magic of Being

Hilary Carter's latest offering is a stunning piece of writing. Having read her first book I honestly felt it was one of the best spiritual books ever. This is another chapter of that same story. Hilary has a way with prose that makes you sit inside the story and be a character in the story the whole way, and miraculously everything is fact, yet it reads like a novel. She certainly has a perchant for finding crazy energies and old convents. Read it - you will love it. ~ Mike Handcock, Soul Journeys NZ

Hilary Carter lives her life and makes decisions according to numbers that she randomly receives This may sound superstitious or obsessive yet it works for her in often unexpected synchronistic and even sometimes miraculous ways. The book opens by the author describing a near tragic assault by a man who seemed intent on rape and possible murder as she was hitchhiking in the Dordogne region of France. After breaking free from this man’s grip and running away, she vowed never to return to the Dordogne again. Later, at her sister’s home in the Netherlands, she noticed an ad for an old convent in Montignac in the Dordogne This seemed a possible location to fulfill her dream of starting a yoga center. Her first reaction was revulsion at living in the same region where she was nearly murdered. Being curious, she researched the site online and saw it was located at 1.1 degrees of longitude It was also within her financial range. Her attention was drawn to this set of double numbers especially other doubles ones that appeared randomly. Through a series of synchronistic events where the 11:11 showed up repeatedly, she felt compelled to follow their lead. She believes when we see 11:11 in our lives, it is a sign of our Higher Self/Inner Divinity/God/One Consciousness beginning a reprograming process as one would reprogram a computer. It may even indicate that our DNA is being changed. She comments, “Not only do I think that the number, 11:11 appears in everyday life to show us the way out of illusion but I also believe it to be a fast track route. It’s like a finger pointing the way to go.” She acknowledges it takes huge leaps of faith to follow where the numbers lead. In recent crop circles, she has noticed the number 11:11 in a pictorial form. Through a series of synchronicities based on the appearance of 11:11 or other double numbers, Hilary purchased the old crumbling convent. It turned out to have fearful (to her) spiders and pervading negative energy. One time she saw a hooded ghostly figure move through the main room that confirmed her feeling that the buildings were haunted. This convent mysteriously had no name and no address number. That became a driving force in her relentless research to learn more details concerning the convent’s history. This led to many unanswered questions due to the place having had many previous owners throughout the centuries. Montignac was well known for having a history of warfare and horrendous violence which Hilary felt contributed to the prevailing negative energy. She came to realize that her mission there was as an energy generator to release the negative energy not only in the local area but also throughout the world. That understanding took her to Canada, Mexico, India, and Turkey where she was guided to clear the energy in the vortexes, where latitudes and longitudes intersect, thereby assisting in preparation for the ascension of the earth. She met with well-known spiritual leaders including Sri Baba and Thick Nhat Hanh. Although she was often not certain what she needed to do to clear the energy, she had the faith that she would be given the insight as to what was needed when the time came. It never failed to come to her awareness. One thing she knew she needed to do was to get her ego out of the way. She believed it blocked her connection to God. Hilary was successful at clearing not only the negative energy in the vortexes of the earth but specifically the convent and surrounding local area. This work also cleared the negative memories of her encounter with the man who assaulted her. Hilary believes that people all around the earth are offering themselves to assist in keeping earth’s energy clear by connecting to the Crystal Grid. As a template for the new earth, it consists of crystal light contrary to the current dense light now surrounding our globe. Hilary describes this grid as similar to a “spiritual telecommunications system and through it we can connect to the higher conscious of humans all over the planet. At that level of consciousness we are all One.” With regular connecting to the grid, we are able to develop skills such as telepathy, clairaudience, etc. The author summed up her life when she writes, “My life is a magical adventure of signs, and synchronicities. I am constantly amazed at the way that numbers continue to communicate with me by appearing in my everyday world.” To her, the ego is limitations whereas the Divine Self is limitless. Not many of us have the enormous faith needed to live consistently by the unseen guidance that she sees in the numbers. Yet this book can throw open an aperture to that possibility and make us take notice of how numbers weave through our lives. ~ Glenda Hawley, Journal of Spiritual and Paranormal Studies

This week’s book worm Wednesday review, No Name No Number by Hilary H Carter is probably the most difficult one I have yet to write, as this book is nothing like any I have previously read. It won’t be for everyone and as soon as I start mentioning the 11:11 phenomenon, chakra’s, meditation, yoga, Ley Lines, planetary grids, energy frequencies and the like you will probably know whether it is for you or not. But don’t go away, I would encourage you to at least read my review, as there is always something new to learn in life. I like to think I have an open mind and when something different comes my way from promoting the French themed book reviews on this site it is always exciting. I am so thankful Hilary found me as I am sure I would never have gone looking for a book like this, even with it’s French connection. As well as finding this book interesting it was also inspirational, despite the fact I won’t pretend to have understood or followed all of it. Even though I got lost at times I was always fascinated enough by her journey to keep going. As a planner and list maker extraordinaire, who never quite seems to get everything just so, I have been inspired to think about letting go, saying yes to the universe and allowing things take their natural course. Who knows what is achievable when we let things happen naturally and open ourselves up to new experiences? I learnt a lot of new things from reading this book as well as gaining a better understanding of some of the things we touch on in our yoga classes, but the most important message that came across to me was being brave enough to believe in yourself and your abilities, and to have the faith to see where they will lead you. A lesson we could all do with remembering, thank you Hilary. ~

Hilary H. Carter
Hilary H. Carter Hilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She studied energy healing and Tai Chi in Lo...
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