The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot

The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot

And All Because of The Letter.

Sacred Love in the Sacred Isles.

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  • e-book £4.99 || $8.99Jun 29, 2018


Sacred Love in the Sacred Isles... Who would have thought the Masters/Adepts had such a sense of humour? Poetic, funny, heart breaking, and totally relevant to today's world, Denise McDermott-King skilfully introduces you to the Masters of Wisdom as she travels into Scotland and down through England, revealing the final twist in the sacred caves of Northern India. Magically woven and compelling till the end.


Praise for Denise McDermott-King's first book The Master, The Lover and Me: This is an important book. Raymond Moody’s 1975 groundbreaking book 'Life After Life' brought near-death and out-of-body experiences to the public, increasing our awareness of the human spirit. For most of us, spiritual journeys and spirit beings have remained out of reach. This has now changed with Denise McDermott-King's book, which I believe will rank amongst the groundbreaking books of spiritual awareness. Now, if we so desire, we can go on a spiritual journey accompanied by spirit beings while still in human form. If you are a spiritual seeker this book will take you on a captivating journey. ~ Bud Carroll, Writer

Denise McDermott-King
Denise McDermott-King For over 40 years Denise McDermott-King has been a student and teacher of spiritual traditions. She has travelled extensively, sharing the w...
Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels by Richard Lawrence, Mark Bennett

Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

Richard Lawrence
Mark Bennett

for travellers on the journey of spiritual evolution

Three Dangerous Magi, The by P.T. Mistlberger

Three Dangerous Magi, The

P.T. Mistlberger

The Three Dangerous Magi reveals scandal, mayhem, death, sex, drugs, ecstasy, enlightenment, in the lives of the three most notorious sages of the 20th century. Use their story for personal transformation.

11:11 Code, The by Hilary H. Carter

11:11 Code, The

Hilary H. Carter

11:11 Code, The by Hilary Carter is a spiritual wake-up call to the coincidences around the number 11 .

On Dragonfly Wings by Daniela I. Norris

On Dragonfly Wings

Daniela I. Norris

Daniela Norris, former diplomat and atheist, discovers communication with the other side following the sudden death of her younger brother.

Gabriel Messages, The by Shanta Gabriel

Gabriel Messages, The

Shanta Gabriel

Timeless, compassionate wisdom from Archangel Gabriel in personal and practical essays that provide clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

Angel Connection by Christina Lunden

Angel Connection

Christina Lunden

Rescued by Angels by Philippa Merivale

Rescued by Angels

Philippa Merivale

Autobiographical journey into angelic healing Rescued By Angels follows the author Philippa Merivale as she battles illness, disability and divorce to heal and provide for her children.

Starfleet Messages, The by Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

Starfleet Messages, The

Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

The Starfleet Messages is a channeled manuscript about learning to live beyond depression and fear by embracing the God within.

Kinangiology by Sue Vaughan


Sue Vaughan

Kinangiology combines the practice of kinesiology with communicating with angels to clear emotional blocks, eliminate phobias and improve lives.

Book of Obeah, The by Sandra Carrington-Smith

Book of Obeah, The

Sandra Carrington-Smith

A spellbinding tale of magic, ancient prophecies and family intrigue. A journey into a new perception of reality.

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