Let The Standing Stones Speak

Let The Standing Stones Speak


A Message from the archangels is encoded in the famous standing stones of Carnac, France, for the benefit of humanity. It relates the early history of humankind to the problems of today, and provides hope and inspiration for the future. The messages encoded in the standing stones of Carnac combine and transcend spiritual truths from many disciplines and traditions, even though their builders lived thousands of years before Buddha, Christ and Muhammed. They explain the true power sources in our world and provide a design for realigning ourselves with them. They interpret the lives of the great teachers and recount the dark history of Atlantis. Linking the chakras, crystals and earth spirits, redefining incarnation and forgotten realms of existence both here an on other planets, they promise us a future of tranquility and peace, children born free of karma on a clean earth, the New Jerusalem. Natasha Hoffman felt welcome when she first stood in the presence of these mysterious giant monuments, set up around the same time as Stonehenge. Walking along these alignments with her companion, Hamilton Hill, she first heard the voice. "This is a vast wisdom library," she realised, "and we can read it."


...delivers important and empowering messages from the Archangels to uplift, heal, and open our hearts. ~ Doreen Virtue, Author of Divine Guidance

This beautifully written irresistible book... with their unique capacity to extract and interpret the wisdom and knowledge locked up in the crystal structure of stones, is an exciting confirmation of the vague glimpses many of us have had of a positive path into the future. ~ Hamish Miller, Author of The Sun and the Serpent and The Dance

If the reader comes to the book with an open heart, he or she may find messages that can result in profound spiritual growth. ~ Carol Lynn Stewart

Thoroughly recommended for everyone inspired by the Angels and Archangels. ~ Theolyn Cortens , Author of Living with Angels

... destined to become an evergreen...a book that deserves to become a permanent point of reference for the serious seeker. This is a book not to be missed by anyone with either a heart, a mind, or a soul, let alone all three. ~ Ian Graham, Author of God Is Never Late (But Never Early Either)

Natasha Hoffman
Natasha Hoffman Natasha Hoffman is a practicing artist, healer, intuitive, and a grandmother. She was lecturer in art and design for 20 years and now uses h...
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