Inner Light, The

Inner Light, The

Self-Realization via the Western Esoteric Tradition

A comprehensive course in spiritual development via the powerful teachings of the Western esoteric tradition.


Eastern teachings - Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, martial arts, and so on - have become extremely popular in the West here in the early 21st century. What is less well known, however, is the Yoga of the West - the Western Esoteric Tradition. This tradition includes such powerful teachings as spiritual alchemy, the Kabbalah, the Tarot, sacred geometry, Sex Magick, High Magick, and thaumaturgy (the art of manifestation). In addition, the entire field of Western spiritual psychology - everything from the work of Jung, Assagioli, A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram, and Ken Wilbers teachings - are part of the modern leading edge of the Western esoteric tradition. The Inner Light: Self-Realization via the Western Esoteric Tradition, provides a comprehensive manual in both theory and practice to enable either the newcomer to spiritual work, or the more seasoned traveler of the path, to advance in their inner development and outer success in life. It contains cutting-edge information from modern psychology, in combination with the old and potent teachings of Western esoterica.


There's a new book out this month that I would recommend for anyone wanting a thorough overview of current esoteric practises. It is called The Inner Light: Self-Realization via the Western Esoteric Tradition. It is a very big book - around 600 pages - but then it needs to be because it covers a huge range of topics. These include spiritual alchemy, the Kabbalah, Tantra, psychology, philosophy, Transcendentalism and the New Age. It is divided into three sections: history and theory, practice and lore - offering an introduction to each subject followed by ways of using the techniques and a look at source material. Author P.T. Mistlberger is a transpersonal therapist and so is influenced by Jungian psychology and spirituality, but is also extremely knowledgeable about the entire range of esoteric practices he has written about in The Inner Light. His writing style is easy to understand he manages to get across complex subjects in a clear and readable fashion. I would say that the strongest parts of the book are those covering spiritual psychology and meditation, areas in which it comes across that he has considerable personal experience. His covering of witchcraft, on the other hand, seems to derive more from academic study but is still very interesting. This is a book that I have most certainly learned a lot from reading and will probably dip into again many times. Read more ~ Lucya,

P.T. Mistlberger’s 'The Inner Light' is a stupendous accomplishment, linking spiritual, psychological, and magickal traditions into a coherent whole. Its focus on history is kept fascinating by revealing the interplay and interdependence between the seemingly disparate threads of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions and what has evolved into modern psychological theories and practices. This weaving of systems, combined with practical techniques, will bring new insights to students and practitioners in many fields as well as increasing respect and understanding. ~ Donald Michael Kraig, Author of 'Modern Magick'.

A mightily impressive work! A comprehensive and easy to follow guide through and around the Western Esoteric Tradition. I learned a lot from it and no doubt shall continue to do so. One to keep by you for constant reference! ~ Gareth Knight, author of 'A History of White Magic' and 'Experience of the Inner Worlds'.

An immensely enjoyable book. This well written and insightful work is a must read for everyone interested in the history and development of the Western Esoteric Tradition and its varied perspectives on spiritual development and their practical applications. ~ Will Parfitt, author of 'The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah'.

'The Inner Light: Self Realization via the Western Esoteric Tradition' is a worthy addition to a growing corpus of literature that attempts to bridge the gap between the theoretical elucidation and practical application of the fundamentals of what used to be considered as “rejected knowledge” in Western culture. Although not an academic study per se, Mistlberger’s book is an erudite overview of some of the major currents that comprise Western esoteric traditions, in addition to being an account of some relevant Eastern and modern psychoanalytic teachings and techniques equally concerned with the task of self-realization. The practical instructions suggested in the book contextualize these esoteric teachings and provide a possible framework of actualizing their theoretical propositions and implications. 'The Inner Light' will be of value both to those interested in the historical and thematic overview of some major trends in Western esotericism as well as to those who are intent in applying these teachings to practical use. ~ Gordan Djurdjevic, Ph.D., Sessional Instructor, Department of Humanities, Simon Fraser University.

A comprehensive book, comprising a well-researched and annotated reference text of the history, components, and better-known personalities of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Some of the inclusions surprised me, not because they were inappropriate, but because the author does us a great service by placing them in true context; his understanding of the difference between popular neo-Eastern practices and genuine Eastern traditions, for example, is used in places to elucidate the content of Western esotericism. Especially impressive is the author's understanding of the interaction between the many streams that merge and flow as the broad river of the Western Esoteric Tradition. P.T. Mistlberger has made the wise choice not to include many examples of methods, but to offer us the sources of many related methods to research and pursue for ourselves. I will recommend this book to my students. ~ R.J. Stewart, author of 'Advanced Magical Arts' and 'The Underworld Initiation'.

An engaging and wide-ranging introduction to esotericism in theory and practice, interwoven with thoughtful psychological commentary. ~ Owen Davies, author of 'Grimoires: A History of Magic Books'.

P.T. Mistlberger
P.T. Mistlberger P.T. Mistlberger is a transpersonal therapist, seminar leader, and author of the books A Natural Awakening, The Three Dangerous Magi, Rude A...

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