Heretics: Past and Present

Heretics: Past and Present

Can We Now Explain the Unexplainable?

From ancient magicians to modern UFO researchers, Heretics: Past and Present investigates the what, how and why behind the arcane, with fresh and often disturbing conclusions. A must for any serious researcher of the paranormal, an absolute requirem


The occult, the paranormal, UFOs and aliens, the weird and wonderful are all covered in this remarkable and insightful book with new angles on the old and ideas that are only just coming to the fore in modern science. Brian Allan has spent decades going where other researchers fear to tread and asking difficult questions. Now in this all-encompassing book he discovers the depth of those our religious ancestors once called heretics. There was more to their often seemingly strange language; there was insight in those peculiar rituals; there was truth locked away in those arcane ideas. This book is a must for any serious researcher of the paranormal, an absolute requirement for UFO believers and a fantastic first port of call for those still lost on the esoteric highway of life.


Heretics: Past and Present is a tour de force concerning the world of the occult. Brian Allan reveals in this book a depth of insight rarely seen in such works and leaves no stone unturned nor any sensibilities untouched. Are we prepared to see the world in a new way? Are we open enough to listen to those people once believed to be heretics and blasphemers? Prepare to bend your mind. ~ Philip Gardiner, author, filmmaker and TV presenter.

Brian Allan
Brian Allan Brian Allan has researched the paranormal hands on in all its forms for more than 50 years. While doing so he has encountered everything fro...
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