Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

for travellers on the journey of spiritual evolution


Richard Lawrence explains, with captivating frankness and authority, what communicating with the departed is really like, and how messages from beyond this plane of existence are relevant to everyone. Unlike many psychics, Richard wasn’t born with a "gift", he began to develop his abilities through practising the techniques of his own spiritual teacher, Dr George King, over 25 years ago. Described by Spirit & Destiny as "a world-renowned teacher of psychic development and meditation... with a balanced and responsible spiritual approach, combined with enthusiasm and a sense of humour", he is well known as a popular broadcaster, writer, speaker and workshop presenter. His remarkable accounts of personal psychic experiences, from channelling poetry to performing exorcisms, are sure to fascinate any seeker who wants to know more about the little-understood adventures which await us all in our journey through spiritual evolution.


Extraordinary. Authenticity and clarity shine through every page bringing the characters to life, even though they're dead! It's a marvellous book that enlivens and encourages, inspires and teaches, touching hearts as well as minds. ~ Chrissie Blaze, Bestselling author of Workout for the Soul

This book delivers more than its title promises. An original yet comprehensive work on spirit guides and guardian angels, it also offers practical, common-sense advice on developing one's intuition and higher consciousness. It is an essential handbook for all those on a spiritual path. ~ Primrose Oteng, UN Political Affairs Officer and international speaker, based in the USA

A fascinating insight into another world. Richard opens your mind to new possibilities. ~ Janey Lee Grace, National radio broadcaster and author of Imperfectly Natural Woman

Make a new friend in Richard Lawrence. Not since Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi have I read such good stories about spiritual seekers. Lawrence writes with the engaging voice of one who has given his life over to God, yet not surrendered his common sense. I especially appreciated his thoughtful advice about channelling, intuition and other psychic abilities. ~ Rose Rosetree, Bestselling author of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses

A very personal, honest perspective. enlightening, thought-provoking and often humorous, touching everyone who has read it. You are left with a sense of hope and a desire to learn more about what our existence (life and death) has to offer. ~ , Kindred Spirit Best book of 2007

This was such an easy book to read! Each chapter, weaving its own tale, was almost a book in its own right. The language and pace made it the sort of book that is just a pleasure to read down to earth, forgive the pun! A great overview of the differing aspects of spirituality and told from one man's experience of what it means. The really inspirational message is that for all of us, who were not born with medium or psychic skills, this is something that can be learnt and developed, a bit like the Magician's Apprentice. A good book that can be picked up and put down with ease, particularly for those who hunger for knowledge and usually have several on the go at once!! ~ Kim Searle, Paradigm Shift

In this fascinating book, Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, author takes us on a joyful and insightful ride into the world of the afterlife, the reality that there are indeed other intelligences that abound in the Universe, and the poignant Karmic message that the essence of who we are does go on long after our physical life has ended on Earth. To be assured that we are not alone in this awesome personal journey is both comforting... and most certainly, inspiring.. ~ Lynne D. Kitei, M.D, Bestselling author of The Phoenix Lights

Richard Lawrence
Richard Lawrence Richard, has been actively psychic for over a quarter of a century, and the volume, quality, and unusual nature of many of his experiences a...
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett Richard, has been actively psychic for over a quarter of a century, and the volume, quality, and unusual nature of many of his experiences a...
Three Dangerous Magi, The by P.T. Mistlberger

Three Dangerous Magi, The

P.T. Mistlberger

The Three Dangerous Magi reveals scandal, mayhem, death, sex, drugs, ecstasy, enlightenment, in the lives of the three most notorious sages of the 20th century. Use their story for personal transformation.

11:11 Code, The by Hilary H. Carter

11:11 Code, The

Hilary H. Carter

11:11 Code, The by Hilary Carter is a spiritual wake-up call to the coincidences around the number 11 .

Gabriel Messages, The by Shanta Gabriel

Gabriel Messages, The

Shanta Gabriel

Timeless, compassionate wisdom from Archangel Gabriel in personal and practical essays that provide clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

Angel Connection by Christina Lunden

Angel Connection

Christina Lunden

Angels of the First Heaven, The by Carolyn Ethel Bowyer

Angels of the First Heaven, The

Carolyn Ethel Bowyer

Rescued by Angels by Philippa Merivale

Rescued by Angels

Philippa Merivale

Autobiographical journey into angelic healing Rescued By Angels follows the author Philippa Merivale as she battles illness, disability and divorce to heal and provide for her children.

Starfleet Messages, The by Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

Starfleet Messages, The

Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

The Starfleet Messages is a channeled manuscript about learning to live beyond depression and fear by embracing the God within.

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin by Angela McGerr

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Angelic Healing for physical and spiritual harmony.

Angels In Our Time by Ishvara d Angelo

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Ishvara d Angelo

Kinangiology by Sue Vaughan


Sue Vaughan

Kinangiology combines the practice of kinesiology with communicating with angels to clear emotional blocks, eliminate phobias and improve lives.

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