Gabriel Messages, The

Gabriel Messages, The

Compassionate Wisdom for the 21st Century from the Archangel Gabriel

Timeless, compassionate wisdom from Archangel Gabriel in personal and practical essays that provide clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.


Timeless wisdom - this inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, ignites a spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives, and empowering the reader with practical compassionate words of healing for the 21st century. Each of the 56 loving messages in this book feels deeply personal and includes suggestions the reader can immediately apply in life to gain emotional and spiritual strength. The author, Shanta Gabriel, at very dark moments in her life, had surprise visits from Archangel Michael in 1988. When Archangel Gabriel appeared in 1990, she was inspired with the angelic dictation that brought forth these beautiful messages and ongoing information since that time that is posted on her website. Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer.


This is a revised version of the book originally associated with the Angel Messages Card Set. It contains 56 messages channelled from Archangel Gabriel, who first visited the author in 1988 in Hawaii, and inspired her Light Activation Therapy work. Each message is one or two pages long and each has a well indexed summarising sentence; many are followed by an exercise to help consolidate the lesson. It is a dip-in-and-out-as-required book and the readings are an ideal focus for prayer or meditation, or when words of comfort or wise guidance are required. As you would expect from angelic communication, the style is warm, reassuring, inspiring and poetic, making this a spiritually uplifting gift for anyone in need of loving support. ~ Pilgrims MBS

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this celestial guide with it's 56 miraculous and well presented points of wisdom. I could feel the power and compassion of the Angel Gabriel in each message and I got a wonderful sense of warmth deep in my soul that let me know every part of these little nuggets was true. The author states that by all of reaching within ourselves and making way for Divine Love we can make the earth a true paradise. I feel in these troubled times that there are more and more of us seeking guidance. The waves of peace washed over me when I would just sit and read a divine message and then reflect on it. I would recommend this special messenger to anyone who is drawn to the blessed power of the angels to help us feel closer to God. Thanks Shanta, for your selfless service. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

Review for Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson In Walking Through Illusion, Betsy Otter Thompson, offers wisdom that touches deeply in many ways. She is gifted by long conversations with Jesus who shares insights about the people we have known only through biblical reference. Each of these people offers a gift of greater understanding to life, which Betsy then expands with her personal experience. This book can be a daily meditation for self-understanding, as well as an inspirational guide. It works on many levels to bring greater meaning into daily life. Shanta Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Messages and The Gabriel Message Cards. ~ Betsy Otter Thompson, author, Walking Through Illusion

Angels can be a paradigm for the process of mind. The Gabriel Messages are an eloquent journey into spirit and a beautiful way to see the world of spirit as it applies to your life. ~ LYNN ANDREWS, Best Selling Author of The Medicine Woman series

Like a comforting whisper in the dark during a fearful moment, these messages soothe and support the heart and soul - and serve as a powerful reminder that we are held by a force of love that is greater than anything we might ever imagine. ~ ANDREA GIRMAN, MD, MPH, Integrative Medicine Physician and Author

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted, inspired and utterly authentic healer of the heart. In her presence, I experienced the reality of the Divine. I deeply salute the immense contribution she is making. Shanta is a true blessing, and she will touch your soul. ~ ALAN COHEN, Best Selling US author of 12 books

The Gabriel Messages is uplifting and timely guidance from Archangel Gabriel for this new century of rapid change and spiritual enlightenment. Author Shanta Gabriel has created a lovely book for daily messages to live a full, loving guided life. This book gives you direction and guidance from one of the wonderful Archangels who has been less known to many thus far. This is a sweet and compassionate book. ~ DEVRA ANN JACOBS, Editor, Mystic Pop Magazine

"The Gabriel Messages" encourage us to see life from an expanded perspective. From this place we remember that we are never alone, and there is assistance to choose a life of Abundant Peace and Happiness. ~ WALLY AMOS, Motivational Speaker, Author, Children's Advocate

"The Gabriel Messages codified for me all the spiritual lessons I have learned in the last twenty years. It is such a useful tool." ~ ANN FARRIS, author of The Other Side of Dyslexia

"The Gabriel Messages by Shanta Gabriel offer a wonderful array of angelic inspiration with purposeful practices for those seeking to bring balance and light into their lives!" ~ HEIDI HOLLIS, author of Picture Prayers, Jesus is no Joke, and The Secret War

Shanta Gabriel
Shanta Gabriel Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer. Inspired by ancient forms of healing, as well as energy transference received from h...
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