Book of Obeah, The

Book of Obeah, The

A spellbinding tale of magic, ancient prophecies and family intrigue. A journey into a new perception of reality.


Winner - Fiction: Multi-cultural Fiction 2010 International Book Awards The Fate of All Rests with a Universal Awakening. Upon the passing of her beloved grandmother, Melody Bennet receives startling instructions that she is to take the ashes of Grandmama Giselle to southern Louisiana. Melody must step far outside her comfort zone in the suburbs of North Carolina to fulfill this dying wish. She finds herself blindly navigating the exotic, sometimes hostile environs of New Orleans and Bear Bayou, and immersed in a subculture based on an ancient West African religion. At this unexpected crossroad, she discovers new cultures and beliefs — and new dangers — and awakens to a new way of seeing the world and her role in it. Melody learns that a different perspective can indeed change your perception of reality.


The Book of Obeah succeeds, then, not only as an exciting mystery novel, but also as an introduction to the practice of voodoo—and as a powerful antidote to the incorrect, sensational portrayals of the religion in Hollywood movies. ~ Jayne Denker,

The Book of Obeah is a fascinating novel, poignant and mesmerizing from the first few pages until its climactic end. An emotional journey deep into the dark and haunting world of voodoo. A powerful book which will forever impact the reader. ~ Natalie Kimber, Operations Manager, Office of Scholarly and Literary Publications at Georgetown

The Book of Obeah is a spellbinding read, laced with intrigue, ancient magic and modern day adventure. A refreshing original with a dose of New Orleans Voodoo sprinkled in, sure to capture the attention of all who are interested in secrets, mystery, romance and spiritual truths. ~ Cherie Lassiter, Spiritual Teacher, psychic, Tarot

Sandra Carrington-Smith
Sandra Carrington-Smith Sandra Carrington-Smith is a mother, writer, life coach, blogger and self-titled life observer. A native of Italy, she grew up in a fascinat...
Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels by Richard Lawrence, Mark Bennett

Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

Richard Lawrence
Mark Bennett

for travellers on the journey of spiritual evolution

Three Dangerous Magi, The by P.T. Mistlberger

Three Dangerous Magi, The

P.T. Mistlberger

The Three Dangerous Magi reveals scandal, mayhem, death, sex, drugs, ecstasy, enlightenment, in the lives of the three most notorious sages of the 20th century. Use their story for personal transformation.

11:11 Code, The by Hilary H. Carter

11:11 Code, The

Hilary H. Carter

11:11 Code, The by Hilary Carter is a spiritual wake-up call to the coincidences around the number 11 .

Gabriel Messages, The by Shanta Gabriel

Gabriel Messages, The

Shanta Gabriel

Timeless, compassionate wisdom from Archangel Gabriel in personal and practical essays that provide clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

Angel Connection by Christina Lunden

Angel Connection

Christina Lunden

Rescued by Angels by Philippa Merivale

Rescued by Angels

Philippa Merivale

Autobiographical journey into angelic healing Rescued By Angels follows the author Philippa Merivale as she battles illness, disability and divorce to heal and provide for her children.

Starfleet Messages, The by Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

Starfleet Messages, The

Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

The Starfleet Messages is a channeled manuscript about learning to live beyond depression and fear by embracing the God within.

Kinangiology by Sue Vaughan


Sue Vaughan

Kinangiology combines the practice of kinesiology with communicating with angels to clear emotional blocks, eliminate phobias and improve lives.

Earth Will Be Reborn by Val Young, Marc Maramay

Earth Will Be Reborn

Val Young
Marc Maramay

Jesus Outside the Box by Mark Townsend

Jesus Outside the Box

Mark Townsend

a short book of twelve stories about a magical, gentle yet dangerous Jesus written from the perspective of some lesser known characters of the New Testament.

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