7 Mysteries, The

7 Mysteries, The

Your Journey from Matter to Spirit

By simply reading this book you embark on a journey of transformation from the world of matter into spirit.


Ever wondered what your journey is for and where you are going? Spiritual practices and religions have all tried to answer this question. This book reveals where your destiny lies. The 7 Mysteries are the seven levels that are the making of you and by simply reading this book you awaken them and embark on a journey of transformation. This is how you construct your universe through what you spiritually need rather than what you materially want. It is this that feeds your purpose for being here. The 7 Mysteries are very ancient and, being of the west, they first surfaced as the Eleusinian Mysteries but were never written down. They can only ever truly be received by being evoked. What differentiates western spiritualism presently from the east is that here we are responsible for developing the mind. This can only be achieved by the individual, which is the difference between here and the east. Here we are the guru and thus must explore freedom through our individualism.


The Seven Mysteries is a masterpiece, integrating the historical and metaphysical foundations of life with the reality of reunion with the Soul. ~ C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Grahame Martin
Grahame Martin Grahame Martin began his spiritual quest when searching for an outlet for his receptive ability. This evolved into healing but his insight w...
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