The Beginning Is Here

We need not wait until 2012 for a new level of consciousness to arrive. Neither do we need wait until 2012 to begin living it.


This anthology by global experts offers wide-ranging views of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, as well as related prophecies and associated physical changes of Earth’s structure. The purpose of this collection is to broaden the readers perspective on such issues and concerns, so that he can discern for himself what his commitment to planetary life will be—and then to demonstrate that commitment, beginning this very instant.


...next was to find the contributors. And this he (Young) has done with aplomb. For these writers represent a wide spectrum of ideas that will appeal to an equally wide constituency - whether the interests are scientific, spiritual, psychological, anthropological or mystical, or all of these things. Generally, the tone is sanguine, the message, inaugural. Importantly, most will find a standpoint with which they can identify.


Essentially, I feel that what this book is dealing with is the 'one life within us and abroad' which the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge so earnestly recognised 200 years ago at the very start of the great period of psychic change which, as it has gathered momentum, has brought more and more people to this universalist understanding.

~ Geoff Ward (UK), Writer and reviewer for many websites and blogs in the UK, this one from Mind and Soul, Suite 101 and www.MysteriousPlanet.net

“…the idea to edit a spiritual antidote to the doom and gloom crowd prophesying the earth’s destruction wasn’t a leap for Young.  After soliciting help from a diverse array of spiritual teachers, Mayan priests, scientists and metaphysicians, Young wrote a chapter himself and edited 12 more in just two months.

    The final product: 2013: The Beginning Is Here, published by O Books, seeks to refute the idea that December 2012 promises to be the end times. Instead, Young urges readers to seize the moment to look inward and develop their own spiritual path.

    ‘The prophecies really relate to the necessity for a shift in our consciousness. From one that has to do with fear to one that comes from inner peace and love,” Young said. “It would be foolish to take what comes from Mayan culture so long ago and relate it to us. That’s narcissistic…’

    If nothing else, Young hopes his book will encourage readers to ignore the opinions of others and the expectations of society and listen to their own “small, still voice” in the midst of a churning, often frightening world.

    ‘The chaos going on around the world is a reminder for me to look at where my chaos is inside me,” he said.’” 

For more information on the book and Young’s other work, go to www.creation spirit.net.

~ Charlie Fargo, Religion Section, 3/17/11, Arkansas Democrat/Gazette, Arkansas' only statewide daily newspaper.

This absorbing and inspiriting collection of opinion about the symbolic tipping point of 2012 offers much energising sustenance for consciousness-raising thought.

~ Geoff Ward, www.suite101.com

James Young
James Young Dr. James H. (Jim) Young has served with distinction as a distinguished professor of higher education, and is the President emeritus of Stat...
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