Maggy Whitehouse
Maggy Whitehouse

Rev. Maggy Whitehouse has studied and taught Judaeo-Christian mysticism, Bible Metaphysics and the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity for 25 years and teaches workshops across the UK, USA and Europe. She is dedicated to mutual understanding between faiths using mystical interpretations of tradition. Maggy trained as a journalist and has worked in print media, radio and television. She is a qualified teacher of healing in two disciplines, an ordained minister in an independent sacramental church and is the author of seventeen books, both factual and fiction, including From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity, The Miracle Man and The Marriage of Jesus. Maggy co-founded and edited the Midlands holistic health and spirituality magazine The Tree of Life. In 2012 she began a new career in Spiritual Stand-Up Comedy and is being hailed as the new Dave Allen. She lives in Devon, UK.

Books by Maggy Whitehouse
Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy by

Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy

Mar 2012

The Prosperity teachings of the Bible revealed in a simple, understandable form demonstrating a clear formula for an abundant life.

Kabbalah Made Easy by

Kabbalah Made Easy

May 2011

A down-to-earth, no-red-strings-attached look at the mystical tradition made famous by the Kabbalah Center.

Miracle Man, The by

Miracle Man, The

Nov 2010

Simon Cowell as Christ? Imagine the Messiah came today, to Las Vegas as a judge on a TV talent show.

From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity by

From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity

Nov 2009

Go-within to learn the spiritual laws of prosperity so that you don't have to go-without.

Woman's Worth, A by

Woman's Worth, A

Jul 2013

The development of the feminine soul of humanity through the lives and adventures of the women of the Bible


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